Exec Coaching

Exec Coaching

Executive Coaching


Do you need help managing stakeholders more successfully?

Do you want to build your gravitas and personal brand?

Are you moving from an operational to a more strategic position and therefore need to lead your people in a different way?

Do you lack confidence in your own ability to lead your people effectively?

Is your organisation and role going through a period of significant change and you’d like to work out how to deal with this?

Do you want to coach your team more and direct them less but are not sure how to do this?


Executive coaching can help address these issues and many more. This involves a bespoke sequence of 1-2-1 conversation. The coaching enables you to identify issues quickly, create solutions and effectively move towards your strategic goals. We also work with leaders to distinguish and nurture their existing strengths that will facilitate greater effectiveness through using positive psychology.

Our Executive Coaching incorporates the three roles of coaching to support greater business outcomes and long-term behavioural changes by:

  • Unlocking blind spots (discovery)
  • Increasing self-awareness (awareness)
  • Helping leaders focus on their behaviours (choice)